Philly synthpop / coldwave duo Blanketflowers caught our ear at the beginning of the autumn, and the brooding tones of their Dark For Days EP perfectly fit the uncertain and frankly quite ominous energy of fall 2020. Today, they’re back with a new single, and it seems that the band follows a seasonal path: compared to the heavy, melancholic vibe of their earlier releases, the new song shimmers and shines like a bright spring day.

That’s not to say singer and songwriter Ashley Tryba isn’t addressing serious concerns with “Alluding To Knowing.” The song’s lyrics tackle themes of loss and escape, trust versus mistrust, but it offers a glimmer of hope while channeling bands like My Favorite, Azure Ray, and Japanese Breakfast. (Last time around, my comparison points were The Cure, Slowdive, and S U R V I V E, for frame of reference; in either case, they have fantastic taste and execute their sounds impeccably.)

Take a listen to “Alluding to Knowing” below, grab a download on Bandcamp, and keep up with the band’s activity on Instagram.