Fresh from her performance on Jimmy Kimmel the night before, Amythyst Kiah joined us live from her home in Johnson City, Tennessee, to close out NON-COMM. 

Kiah started with her new single, “Hangover Blues,” from her upcoming album Wary + Strange, out June 18. With her folky fingerpicking, she was free from regrets admitting, “if I did it all over again, I’d do the same damn thing.” Not such a lighthearted drinking song, “Firewater” is what happens when “alcohol no longer becomes fun.” Still, as she gingerly plucked the guitar strings, the song seemed capable of curing any alcohol-induced headache. 

Short and sweet, she finished the three-song set with “The Ballad of Lost.” Started in 2009, the waltz took years to complete and features backup vocals by Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls. With her eyes closed, Kiah’s voice fluttered above a gauzy acoustic accompaniment. A display of sheer emotion, every word seemed to be overflowing with love and sorrow. 

Watch Amythyst Kiahs’ full performance below, and check out more of NON-COMM 2021 here.

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