This post was originally published for World Cafe, via NPR Music. Photo by Michael Sipe Jr./Courtesy of the artist.

On paper, a collaboration between the multi-generational Haitian band Lakou Mizik and Grammy-winning electronic musician Joseph Ray might be an unlikely coupling. Their forthcoming album,Leave The Bones, is far from that. Through Vodou chants, Rara dance tunes and contemporary protest songs, the album is a mesmerizing, haunting and uplifting journey into the heart of Haitian culture.

“Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen),” premiering today on World Cafe, is the first song and music video from the album. It’s an impassioned plea to Ogou, the Vodou spirit of Iron and War, for protection from the brutality of daily life. The music video follows a father and son preparing for a celebration in Jacmel, Haiti. Anchored by traditional Haitian rhythms, a spirited string arrangement and a soaring, jubilant chorus, it captures a magical, often unseen world of Kanaval. Directed by Kavah Nabatian, the music video offers a colorfully mystical and visually stunning immersive experience.

Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray - Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen) [Official Music Video]