Danielle Johnson of Wilmington band Hoochi Coochi will release her new EP Franklin Street on September 3 under the moniker Sug Daniels. The EP will be the first release from the new local label Weird Sister Records. Along with the announcement, Johnson dropped the lead single, “Heavy.” 

A sweet little love song, “Heavy” will give you butterflies. An acoustic track about falling in love with your best friend, she sings about the type of soulmate connection you just can’t ignore. Possessing all the heart-fluttering anxiety of crushing, it’s full of nervous excitement. Her vocals fall over a bright ukulele lead like honey, and the layered vocals are like that little voice in your head that keeps redirecting your thoughts to them. Even though confessing her feelings leads to a let down she vows, “if you ever change your mind/I’ve got nothing but time, and I’d be honored to wait for you. 

Weird Sister Records is the collaboration between Deanna DiLandro and Madison Hetterly. The label was officially launched on June 1 and was created to serve women, trans, and non-binary artists. 

You can stream the new Sug Daniels track below, grab a download on Bandcamp and keep up to date with Weird Sister Records on their Twitter.