Golden Apples (formerly known as Cherry) will return with a new album, Shadowland, this summer. Recorded during the pandemic, it juxtaposes the anxiety and isolation of the last year with the warmth and comfort of home. The lead single “Tangerine II” is out now, along with a music video.

The new release finds songwriter Russell Edling taking inspiration from the mid-aughts “golden era” of indie rock. Shadowland is “a whimsical and at times resigned look at what it means to be a reflection, a shadow, something created by the shine of something else,” according to Lame-O Records.

Shadowland embraces its imperfections to create an intimate and defined shape, all the more precious for its decision to not to shine. It doesn’t ask you to go blurry-eyed staring at the sun. Instead it invites you to find understanding in the shapes left by the sun’s absence.”

Shadowland comes out July 23 and is available for pre-order on limited edition blue and pink marble vinyl. Find more information via Lame-O Records.

Golden Apples dedicates Shadowland to Spenser Colmbs, a member of Cherry and Three Man Cannon who passed away in 2019.