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Just like everything else in 2021, Record Store Day will look a little bit different. Instead of having one day to look forward to, vinyl lovers will have two. This Saturday, June 12, will be the first RSD, followed by another round of release on July 17.

Record stores across Philly will be stocking a limited quantity of exclusive RSD releases. Both Repo Records and Long in the Tooth have been talking about the holiday for the past week. Repo published a full list of the vinyl that they ordered on their Instagram. Amongst tons of other titles, they will have releases from Devo, The Grateful Dead, and Tom Tom Club. There will not be any bands performing tomorrow, but Jacci Weaver, the manager at Repo, said that it could be a possibility in July.

Long in the Tooth also shared a few of the releases they will have tomorrow. Their stock includes Fela Kuti, Kenny Dorham, and Brainiac, as well as many others. Both stores will have a limited capacity of 10 to 20 people, and masks will be required while shopping.

Brewerytown Beats will not have any official RSD releases but will be hosting a DJ set at their new location. A grand opening is still a few months away, according to Max Orchester, the owner. People are still welcome to stop by and check out the store’s new location on the corner of North Bailey Street today.

But many record stores in the city will not be participating in RSD festivities this year; some because they only sell secondhand vinyl, others for more philosophical reasons. An article published by the Philadelphia Inquirer spoke to some shop owners and serves as a guide for where to go, what stores will have what, and who to avoid ever referencing RSD around.

“There will be no — repeat, no — official Record Store Day celebrations at the Exchange,” a spokesperson for Philadelphia Record Exchange told The Inquirer. “It’s just not the sort of place that goes in for that sort of semi-corporatized pomp and circumstance.”

You can check out the full list of RSD here.

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