In 2020 falling in love over the phone became the status quo. During the pandemic, true love was still able to conquer all through text messages and facetime calls. On their latest single, “Long Distance Lover,” Essie + Nap explore the all-too-relatable feeling of relying on your phone to feel close to someone.

First collaborating in the Philadelphia-based band Looseleaf, guitarist/bassist/vocalist Andrew Napoli and vocalist Essie Riddle decided to start a new project at the peak of the pandemic. Influenced by the stay-at-home orders, the longing that comes with social isolation is automatically evident in their debut single, “Loneliness.”

In a live session for “Long Distance Lover,” the duo — backed by Philly singer-songwriter Andrew Lipke on lead guitar and drummer Keaton Thandi — delivered a high-power performance from the middle of the woods. Riddle’s rich voice is a force to be reckoned with as she proclaims, “my phone is my lifeline / with you on my mind.” A smoky guitar riff and a yearning bassline have the same sting as a declined call. Fraught with anxiety as she wonders what they could be doing instead of responding, it’s only a matter of time until the song reaches a tipping point. With soaring guitars and slamming percussion, she gives one final plea, met by mocking silence.

You can watch the video below and check out their other tracks here.