Kitzy and Caleb Coy have been keeping busy with their podcast Left of the Dial. Giving you a new artist to fall in love with every Friday, they’ve touched on bands ranging from Beach Bunny to Bartees Strange. Along with the show, the duo has also been recording live sessions with local artists. 

The follow-up to Riverby’s riveting set (which you can read about here), Kitzy and Caleb invited Long Neck to stop by the studio. From the first mystical reference to the ten of swords, it became clear that there was something magical about Lily Mastrodimos. With her bewitching acoustics, she manages to elevate even the most mundane details of everyday life into something of the utmost importance. On “Bat House,” she makes even small things like waiting until after sunset to leave her room seem monumental. On “Mine / Yours,” however, she gets straight to the point, confessing, “I wanna say this simply / I wanna make it pure / I wanna be mine, and I wanna be yours.” 

Kayleigh Goldsworthy also recorded a session at the beginning of May that seemed to usher in the summer sunshine. Head over heels, her lovesick set encapsulated all of the mixed signals, hope, late nights, and let-downs of being in a relationship that isn’t quite right. Starting with “Stuck,” her cautious optimism automatically gave way to hopeless romanticism. Even on “Where The Summer Goes,” when she compares the fleeting season to a lover who is always leaving in the morning, it’s obvious that no many times she gets heartbroken, she’s willing to pick up the pieces and try again. 

Wrapping up their live sets to date, Hit Like A Girl made a full band appearance earlier this month. Capturing a whole range of emotions, they went from feeling out of place on “Monsters” to biting back “I love you’s” on “Laundry List.” Fronted by Nicolle Maroulis, their emo-pop features punchy percussion and anthemic choruses. Dissolving into laughter at the end of “Boardwalk,” their set was bursting with joy yet clearly comfortable with darkness. 

You can check out the live recordings here and tune in to Left of The Dial every Friday.