Pop-punk band Meet Me @ The Altar have released a blistering new track called “Feel A Thing.” It is the first single from their upcoming EP, Model Citizen, which will be out August 13 via Fueled by Ramen. The band has also announced an extensive U.S. tour, which will make a stop in Philadelphia. They will play at The Foundry on October 6 with nothing,nowhere, and Arm’s Length.

Exuding dance-around-your-room energy, “Feel A Thing” seems like a shot of straight serotonin at first. With an anthemic chorus featuring vocals submitted by fans, it takes a second to realize the song isn’t as cheery as it seems on the surface. Instead, lead-singer Edith Johnson is actually singing about mental health struggles and being unable to feel anything. Admitting “I’ve been holding my breath / to keep all that’s left,” the song feels like the bright smile you flash when someone asks how you’re doing, and you don’t want to tell them the full truth.

The music video for the track follows the band through an arcade adventure. Running into a thick blue fog and the flashing lights of pinball machines, they get transformed into video game characters. Slaying dragons in the video and battling their demons in the lyrics, they end up obliterating both.

You can grab tickets and more information about Meet Me @ The Altar’s Foundry show here and check out the “Feel A Thing” video below.