Whether you speak Spanish or not, Interminable’s spirit and energy is undeniable. The Philly-based project of singer-songwriter Ximena Violante boasts Latin folk fusion rhythms that will have you ready to dance the second you hear them. The band recently released a new music video for “Preludio & el Agua,” a pair of songs from their 2018 record Rebirth::Renacer featuring Mare Advertencia.

Brimming with energy from the very beginning, Advertencia spits daggers over sunny strumming. Seamlessly transitioning to a huge brass section including trumpets (Becca Graham and Martronimous) and trombone (St. Clair Simmons), they create a rich soundscape. Still, the most show-stopping aspect of the song is the powerful vocal delivery between all the featured vocalists — Advertencia, Violante, and Anna “la Tejana” Arismendez.

The video — which was filmed in Philadelphia and Violante’s home town of Xochimilco, Mexico — perfectly encapsulates the duality of the band. With vibrant colors and bold make-up, they dance around stunning sites in both countries. At the end, a whole circle of people joins them to sing the final chorus. Snapping their fingers and smiling, it’s obvious that Interminable does more than just make music, they create community.

You can stream the track here and check out the music video below.