22 months. 683 days. 16,377 hours. 982,676 minutes. That’s just how long there’s been a mausoleum-showroom sized hole in the Philly music scene. Thankfully, we don’t have to live much longer with its absence. This weekend Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art — the Callowhill art gallery/concert venue/movie house better known as PhilaMOCA — will host the aptly titled Resurrection of PhilaMOCA, a two night event in which owner and operator Eric Bresler will present a feature-length slideshow and presentation highlighting all the trial and tribulations that have gone into PhilaMOCA’s long-awaited reopening. 

“It’s been miserable,” says Bresler of the last 22 months. While all venues have seen their share of struggles of late, PhilaMOCA’s issues began even before that global pandemic with which we are all too familiar.

Back in September of 2019, Bresler and company were forced to close their doors due to miles of red tape laid down by the city during a rezoning process. Since that time it’s been one setback after another, with COVID hopping into the mix just as Bresler was ready to begin getting things in order to reopen. But alongside all the stress and frustration, Bresler found a community that rallied around the venue that had clearly made its mark on the city, happy to offer help in any way possible. All of this will be documented during this weekend’s presentation, which Bresler says is equal parts history lesson, documentary and love letter. “It’s a story of how I had to deal with all of these proper city channels to get us back open and I did so gladly because there was so much support behind us,” says Bresler. “But we wouldn’t be opening without the public support, so it is really everybody’s story.”

You can learn more about the event and get tickets here