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While it takes some artists multiple albums to get their point across, TVO does so in a little over five minutes. Commanding your attention, they prove they’re the real deal on their latest release, Fall in a Pit.

There’s never a dull moment on this EP, which is best described as an explosion of sound as the band’s screams compete with the writhing guitars and pounding percussion. An instant rush, the songs feel like an outlet for all your pent-up angst and aggression. It’s type of music that makes you forget about all the petty problems and inconveniences of daily life, as the band makes so much noise all you can do is focus on them.

Even the lyrics have a certain devil-may-care stance that makes you want to adopt their carefree attitude. Tounge-in-cheek, they tease “tell me how does this look to you baby?” on “Crisco Cops.” Taunting by nature, the whole EP has a reckless energy that’s exhilarating. Jumping into a pit without even bothering to look in first, it’s clear TVO do whatever they want and aren’t too concerned with the consequences. Going out with a bang, they keep up the face-melting riffs until the very last second, so that when silence ensues, it’s disconcerting.

You can snag a copy of the EP on vinyl via State Championship Records here and stream Fall in a Pit below. 

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