As his cryptic moniker XIXIX (pronounced “six six”) might suggest, Will Brown seems to have an air of secrecy that surrounds him. However, he’ll be pulling back the curtain for his first in-person performance at Sunflower Philly later this month. Brown claims he doesn’t have all the answers, but he does have “the immutable self-assurance that if Neil Young had ever decided to flirt with glistening sad disco, the end result would sound a lot like this”; in other words, he’s simultaneously quirky and compelling. Set to take the stage on August 19, he will be accompanied by Scantron and Luke Rinz for his big debut. 

XIXIX is impossible to pin down, blending country, chillwave, and indie rock. It’s an unlikely combination but absolutely alluring. His latest single, “Where We Started,” is a dark dance track that calls to mind the crushing synths of LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver. It feels slightly on edge as he sounds alarm bells and admits “I just don’t feel like a monster when you say my name.” Just like the cocktail of sound he creates, it’s a mix of emotions ranging from pent-up aggression to total confusion that will have you shaken up and second-guessing everything.  

Tickets and more information on the concert can be found here; stream “Where We Started” below.