No matter where the summer takes you, you can bring a little bit of the local music scene along with the Philly Summer Road Trip compilation. It’s the latest release from the Philly Holiday Album group — a bunch of scene supporters, including The Key’s Emily Herbein, that creates holiday-themed compilations featuring local artists and donates the proceeds to charity. This summer, they have decided to support Philly Culture United, an organization that advocates for the city’s arts scene.

Featuring a balmy tracklist, each song embodies the spontaneous adventures, sandy sheets, and sun-soaked haze of summer. No matter who you’re traveling with, the eclectic mix has something for everyone. From the dream-pop of “Beach Ghost” to the smooth soul on “Underdog” hour-long drives pass in what feels like the blink of an eye. Whether you’re searching for the sunset like Miss Cantaloupe or fleeing the city in an attempt to cure your wanderlust like Taylor Kelly, your perfect summer anthem is on there. While the songs drastically differ, taken as a whole the compilation is a celebration of a vibrant scene. Dipping into hip-hop, jazz, folk, and everything in-between it will make a staycation seem a lot better than a distant destination.

You can stream the compilation below and learn more about Philly Culture United here.