Philly singer-songwriter Justmadnice debuted at the beginning of 2021 with a stirring EP called Small. A collection of minimal folk-inspired songs in the vein of Laura Marling, Lianne LaHavas, and emerging Chicago artist Tasha, it was a source of “comfort in a time when it’s much-needed,” as our Sarah Hojsak said at the time.

This month, the EP is newly available on Bandcamp, and its themes of letting go and stepping forward coalesce in a beautiful, Keef-directed music video for its song “Lost.” Set in a sunlit apartment, it finds Justmadnice fighting to find solace in a discomfiting time — running their head under a hot faucet, tossing and turning on a bed and casting long looks down the hall. At various points, we return to a stark image Justmadnice’s bare feet stomping halved lemons on a hardwood floor, quite literally making lemonade from life’s challenges.

Justmadnice plays Ortlieb’s on Thursday, August 19th, at a Cherry-Veen Zine presented show with Tubey Frank and Russy. (Full disclosure: WXPN’s Paige Walter is a co-founder of Cherry-Veen Zine and co-organized this concert.) Tickets and more information can be found here; watch the “Lost” video below.

justmadnice – Lost (Official Music Video) from justmadnice on Vimeo.