Icon Patti Smith, who needs little introduction, released new music on August 26th as part of Spotify and Electric Lady Studio’s series of live EPs. “We are very proud to be part of Spotify’s Live at Electric Lady series, our favorite recording studio,” says Patti Smith, who recorded her groundbreaking debut Horses in 1975 at the studio. Patti Smith and Electric Lady share an extensive history–Smith was an honored guest of Jimi Hendrx at the studio’s grand opening in 1970 and has played an influential role at the studio ever since. 

Artists invited to the series are encouraged to play covers of other famous Electric Lady alums. For her covers, Smith chose Bob Dylan’s “One Too Many Many Mornings” and Stevie Wonder’s “Blame It on the Sun.” The EP from start to finish is a beautiful tribute to the giant that is Electric Lady, whose recent projects include Lana Del Ray, Daft Punk, and Adele. 

Electric Lady’s partnership with Spotify on this new series represents the studio’s interest in staying at the forefront of the music industry. “As we look to the future of continued curation of great music, content, and events, this partnership is a great step forward in our evolution, which we look forward to for many years to come,” says Electric Lady general manager and partner Lee Foster.

Soon to come in the Live at Electric series is Atlanta-based indie artist Faye Webster and Philly’s own Japanese Breakfast. The Late Show bandleader Jon Batiste’s EP is available now. Listen below for Patti Smith’s full EP, Live at Electric Lady.