Together as a community, we’re still unpacking how the COVID-19 shutdown affected artists and their music. For R&B singer-songwriter Taylor Kelly, amidst all the pain and anxiety that 2020 brought, she was still motivated to create something beautiful. The result is the single “Maybe” released on September 24th. 

“This is the first single from a project that I forced myself to record in order to survive 2020,” says Kelly. “I found myself unmotivated and mostly uninspired, but I kept showing up to the studio and this is the result.”

“Maybe” is a lusciously layered and mellow tune that expands and fluctuates with Kelly’s dynamic vocal range. It’s groovy and laid-back, and thematically explains the uncertainty that describes this past year. Kelly sings, “This world has turned itself around / Hard to feel my feet on the ground / Hard to know if my feelings are for sure / Maybe.” 

For the perfect Friday afternoon listening, give “Maybe” a stream–it’ll put you in the right mood to jumpstart a tranquil weekend. As Taylor Kelly puts it, “Who knew a song I wrote about self-doubt could be such a BOP?”

Listen below to hear “Maybe” on Spotify or purchase on Bandcamp. Tickets to see Taylor Kelly open for Monophonics at The Music Hall at World Cafe Live on November 17 are available now. Information is available at the XPN Concert Calendar.