Madalean Gauze will send you back to the most tumultuous relationship you’ve ever been in. Her latest two-track single, “I feel like you’re making fun of me,” embodies the dichotomy of knowing someone is terrible for you but feeling like you can’t live without them. The Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter wears her heart on her sleeve despite the romance seeming fated to fail throughout the entire release.

Her unwavering devotion once again becomes the punchline to the same joke of a relationship she clings to on the title track. Layers of laughter seem to mock her as she longs for something she’s already lost. Constantly waiting for their person to come back just to leave again, even the drums seem to anticipate their departure as they build up. Admitting that the back-and-forth gets difficult to deal with, by the end of the song she seems sick of the instability, proclaiming “I love that I once fought for you, now you don’t want me anymore / I cry, then I push it down to my core.”

Following it up with “I hate my brain,” the song feels like nights spent tossing and turning trying to figure out what to do. The energy is restless, exhausted and confused. Reaching a breaking point, Gauze half-whispers “it’s so hard to be close to you.” The guitars are heavy and hushed, the severity of the situation evidently weighing on her. Not gaining much closure, it seems like the constant headaches and hesitancy to let go of the thing that’s hurting her the most are all too familiar.

You can stream the whole EP below, and grab a download here.