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Debuting in early 2020, Left Of The Dial instantly made a name for itself. Hosted by Kitzy and Caleb, it has expanded from a podcast and music blog about independent artists to a series of live sessions.

On October 12, Kitzy went on fellow local music podcast 25 O’Clock with Dan Drago to talk about Left Of The Dial, their production work, Erin Fox’s new album, and how they got interested in audio engineering. Providing quirky anecdotes about their Tascam four-track from high school and pre-mature retirement from music after breaking their hand a few years ago, their love of music is obvious just from the audio.

The latest Left Of The Dial live session features The Lunar Year, a Philadelphia-based rock band. They played a transcendental set consisting of eight unreleased tracks that felt like the soundtrack to a dramatic fairy tale, with lyrical images that sound like snippets of gloomy mythology. Beyond their words, darkness and light continue to collide in The Lunar Year as gossamer guitar riffs get paired with heavy basslines. The whole set had this slightly mythical feeling to it, Katie Hackett herself appearing more like a sprite than a real person.

Even when they flirt with the shadow-realm, they always seem to return to the ethereal. However, their last track, “Tromping The Duck” sees them pass the point of no return. Hackett’s vocals are deadpan as she proclaims, “I’m busy I don’t have time to be your woman!” Following her lead, the band also leans into this isolationist and slightly bitter attitude, playing with an edge that even faster tracks like “Don’t Kiss Strangers” doesn’t possess. Staring straight into the black abyss, it’s clear that the spell has been broken.

All Left Of The Dial performances is available for purchase on Bandcamp, with half of the profit going to the band. You can purchase the Lunar Year’s set here and check out Kitzy on 25 O’Clock here.

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