During the pandemic, it often felt like we were living in a vacuum. Isolated from each other, concepts like collaboration and community felt foreign. However, DECOUPLR found a way to include their friends in their creative process with the duo’s latest release, Recouplr: Digital Bonfire Remixed.

Originally released in February 2021, Digital Bonfire felt very much like a pandemic album. DECOUPLR used their debut to discuss anxiety, fear, and loneliness — themes that resonated all the more powerfully as they finished the album during quarantine. Featuring zapping synthesizers and plenty of shimmery ear candy, the album was glittery while still maintaining a certain mystique. However, the electronic duo didn’t want to make a record that felt helpless. While they sympathized with the collective unease everyone faced during the early phases of the pandemic, they wanted people to see that there were still ways to come together.

“We tried to send messages on the album that it is okay to reach out to the people closest to you when you need help,” the band’s Adam Laub said in a press release. “This new release has been a chance for us to fulfill that message by collaborating with so many wonderful people.”

Decouplr enlisted the help of their musician peers and gave out keys to remix and reimagine the album — an homage to friendship as much as creativity. The album features contributions from artists such as Martronimous, still.teddy, Blood Cassette, Chromacle, and Fried Monk. Each artist completely transforms their track in their own style while keeping Decouplr’s voice at the center. From the club-core beat on “Changes” to the visceral echos on “Tourist Town” listening to the album is like exploring a dozen new genres all at once; each track is unique, the record is a nod to the love and perseverance that has allowed the music scene to thrive even amidst a pandemic.

Stream Recouplr: Digital Bonfire Remixed below.