22° Halo is back and as ethereal as ever. The Philly-based band fronted by Will Kennedy, who runs Sleeper Records, just released “Ripple,” their first single since 2019. The track is off their upcoming album, Garden Bed, which will be out via Lost Sound Tapes on October 29. Somewhat of a counterpart to their first album, half of the songs were recorded two years ago with a live band, and the others are home recordings from the pandemic. 

“Ripple” has a fragile grace to it. Their flowery slowcore features warm riffs and a slight fuzz that makes the single glow. The track is lithe and possesses the same fluidity as the meandering flow of water. Kate Schneider’s luminous vocals perfectly counterbalance Kennedy’s shadowy mumbles to create a sense of the delicate haze of dawn.

You can stream the single and pre-order a copy of the tape here.