It’s been almost three years since Knifeplay dropped off the face of the Earth, but the Philadelphia-based band is back and ready to get their hands bloody. Their latest single, “Hurt Someone,” stays true to their doomy shoegaze aesthetic, and the band released a macabre video to accompany the track today, along with announcing a run of limited edition tapes through the local label Born Losers.

Layers of fuzz-drenched guitars and eerie violins give “Hurt Someone” an ominous intensity. A sinister sensation lurks beneath the surface, giving you goosebumps as lead singer Tj Strohmer delves into his morbid dreams. The B-side, “Ornament,” encapsulates the same blistering aggression through just instrumentation; it feels like the track is laser-focused on causing as much damage as possible.

The accompanying video shot by Anna Killea stitches together ghostly black and white clips of decay. A dead deer on the side of the road dissolves into planes that look like they’re about to crash, a fish out of water, and snowy footage of kids sledding. It resembles a psychological thriller that alludes to violence rather than showing it. Stream the video below and listen to both tracks here.