Philly visionary Tierra Whack just released a stellar pair of EPs called Pop? and Rap?, those titles with the question marks alluding to the artist’s range. Yes, Whack is pop, and rap, and so much more, and that genre-fluidity also plays a big part in her new song “Body Of Water.”

The spitfire bars in the verses are complimented by some of the most soaring, melodic hooks Whack has delivered to date, taking a forward-thinking approach to both ends of the spectrum. In the music video, though, Whack is weird as ever with water starring as a transformative force — trippy shots in ornate beachfront homes, suburban front yards, gym showers and a retirement home birthday parties find folks sipping from the faucet and transforming into various forms of sea life.

Horrifying. Hysterical as well, and Whack wouldn’t have it any other way. Watch below.