Money money money is the the theme of Philly pop duo Rubber‘s latest single, “Queen Cash,” a vibrant jam where the band and their two guest MCs — Freakquencee and Noél Scales — offer their own takes on that thing that makes the world go round.

In information-packed bars, we hear about money as an superficial solution to complicated problems, something that people get caught up chasing when they’re thirsty for attention. We also hear about wealth and privilege as forces that divide people, with those who have it possessing little understanding of or empathy for those who don’t.

“Queen Cash” offers very little celebration of capitalism; it’s more a realization how inescapable it is. The song’s music video presents the conundrum in a fun way, though, with the band discovering a bag loaded with Monopoly cash on a Fishtown sidewalk and diving with abandon into a thrift store shopping spree — at least until they realize how far their money goes.

Watch below, and keep tabs on the band at @rubbermusic on IG.