The collaboration the Philly music community has been waiting on for weeks is here. R&B visionary Taylor Kelly teamed up with equally transcendent Zeek Burse on her latest single, “Sabotage.” The single, produced by Robby Webb, is one of two (the other being September’s “Maybe”) released so far leading up to a new EP for Kelly later in 2022. 

Fans will notice right away there’s something different about “Sabotage.” As the name suggests, the song is much heavier than Kelly’s regular body of work, especially next to “Maybe,” a confessional tune that would weightlessly flutter away if not for its grounding dance beat. The contrast between the two singles, however, creates the perfect conditions for guest vocalist Zeek Burse — and his interplay with Kelly — to shine. 

“What started as a very sad piano ballad ended up being this,” says Kelly. Instead of “sad,” “Sabotage” is empowering, and reflects the maturity that comes with time and distance from a painful situation. We’re rooting for Taylor Kelly on this track, and in the future. 

Listen to the track below on Spotify, and check out Taylor Kelly and band live at World Cafe upstairs on February 25th. Tickets and more information can be found via the XPN Concert Calendar