Brooklyn indie rock four-piece Pom Pom Squad brought a jolt of energy to a rainy Friday afternoon at today’s Free at Noon concert. The project of singer-guitarist and songwriter Mia Berrin, the band debuted with 2017’s Hate It Here, and saw a rise in their profile over the pandemic when a string of single releases coincided with Bandcamp Friday fundraisers, as well as their terrific 2021 LP Death of a Cheerleader — which ultimately led to festival dates and a tour with Nada Surf post-lockdown.

Appropriately, Pom Pom Squad played Free at Noon on a Bandcamp Friday, and Berrin used some of her time at the mix to remind folks of the fundraiser and how far it goes towards helping independent musicians.

Sonically, Pom Pom Squad delivers a high-octane, punk-adjacent sound reminiscent of The Buzzcocks filtered through riot grrrl (“Lux”), with a hooky pop sensibility (“Head Cheerleader”) and moments of Angel Olsen-esque introspection (“Cherry Blossom”). Joined by drummer (and Philly native) Shelby Keller, lead guitarist Alex Mercuri, and bassist Lauren Marquez, Berrin led the band through a dynamic half hour that spanned their 2019 EP Ow and their latest release (the illumanati hotties-produced single “Until It Stops”), barely pausing to catch their breath.

Listen to the set below, and check out a gallery of photos from the show by our Paige Walter. Pom Pom Squad returns to Philly on March as part of an awesome bill with illuminati hotties and Fenne Lilly; tickets and more information on the show can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar.

Pom Pom Squad Free at Noon 02.04.2022

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Drunk Voicemail
Head Cheerleader
Shame Reactions
Cherry Blossom
Heavy Heavy
Until it Stops
Be Good