There was a lot of open space on the World Cafe Live stage when Brooklyn three-piece Nation of Language — all they brought with them was two compact synths and a bass — but thanks to the kinetic energy of singer Ian Richard Devaney, they filled up every inch around them.

As Devaney threw himself full body into the delivery, XPN’s Mike Vasilikos tapped me on the shoulder to say “they’re definitely challenging Future Islands for best dance moves on stage.”

The band’s music is full of deep bass groves from Michael Sue-Poi and slippery, cascading synth melodies by Aidan Noell that recall a spectrum of new wave influences from New Order to Yeasayer. During the set’s second half, Devaney strapped on a guitar for a more subdued delivery, but got right back into dance mode for the show’s finale, which included a cover of “Gouge Away” by Pixies.

Listen to the set and check out a photo gallery below. Nation of Language headlines Underground Arts on Saturday, March 5th; tickets and more information can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar.

[xpnplayer action=”audio” category=”Free At Noon” artist=”Nation of Language Free at Noon 02.11.2022″ date=”2022″ button=”yes”][/xpnplayer]

Rush and Fever
September Again
This Fractured Mind
The Grey Commute
Across That Fine Line
Wounds of Love
Gouge Away
The Wall & I