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Philly’s Echo Kid began as a casual side jaunt for two members of the celebrated indie rock outfit RFA. But as that band wound down, this one started to take center stage…and expand, going from the quirky duo of singer-songwriters Brendan McHale (on bass) and Christian Turzo (on guitar) to a robust four-piece with drummer Alec Powell and guitarist Will Loftus, and further still to the expansive seven-piece that performed in WXPN Studios this week.
Rounded out by vocalist / percussionist Santina Renzi-Jones, keyboardist Alex Gigliotti, and percussionist Michel Do, Echo Kid’s spirited songs evoke a long legacy of classic psychedelic pop and rock; The Monkees to The Kinks to The Velvet Underground (dig the Loaded energy on “I Try”) all the way up to Belle & Sebastian (“Take It As It Comes” could be a Life Pursuit B-side). But they don’t do it in a posturing way in the slightest; you can tell these musicians are drawing on music they sincerely love, pulling inspiration from timeless songwriting, and finding a way to make it their own.
Echo Kid - "Lonely Tree" (The Key Studio Sessions)

The band’s second LP Fever Dream was just released this past Friday, April 22nd; it follows their delightfully lo-fi 2021 debut Folks At Home (about which you can read more in this interview with Emily Herbein). Their setlist in XPN Studios centers the new album — aptly so, it’s great — but does dip back to the debut for that very fun performance of “Take It As It Comes.” In the mix, we get the dreamy waltz “Kano,” the jaunty highway jam “Lonely Tree,” and that scorching closer “I Try,” where the thundering drums and trade-off licks find Echo Kid getting lost in the moment, and taking us joyfully along for the ride.

Check out videos of their Key Studio Session above and below, and see Echo Kid live and in person on Saturday, May 7th at PhilaMOCA, when they’ll celebrate the release of Fever Dream on a bill with the very fun Number One Lovers as well as Hotbed; tickets and more information can be found at the WXPN Concerts and Events page.

Echo Kid – “Kano” (The Key Studio Sessions)
Echo Kid – “Take It As It Comes” (The Key Studio Sessions)
Echo Kid – “I Try” (The Key Studio Sessions)
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