Steve Forbert Celebrates the release of Moving Through America with a Free At Noon performance - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

Only two guitars and a harmonica are all Steve Forbert needs to tell a story. With lyrics drenched in American culture paired with the twangy country sounds of George Naha’s telecaster, Forbert made the soundtrack for the American dream on the NPR stage today. The nostalgic track “It Sure Was Better Back Then” touched on the midday blues when you can’t help but reminisce on the days before your 9-5. Forbert’s fumbling to find the right harmonica for the song did not feel out of place in this look at what once was. It conjures up the image of a teen at their first open mic and while technically a mistake it feels thematically correct. Naha’s Kieth Richards-like playing on this tune helped with the throwback tone.

“Fried Oysters” followed up with the youthful energy of love. A feeling that can make you get up and dance like Grandpa Joe Bucket. Forbert declares “I won’t eat fried oysters without you and cocktail sauce. I don’t care what they cost, it’s worth those high prices.”

The title track from his new album Moving Through America felt perfect for the singer-songwriter. His beat-up acoustic guitar and harmonica mounted on his neck along with the various small town name drops guided the audience through a journey from coast to coast. Forbert concluded his performance with “Romeo’s Tune” which put his name on the map back in 1979 when it reached number 11 of the US Billboard’s Hot 100.

Listen to Forbert’s new album Moving Through America out now via Blue Rose Music and catch him in the Philadelphia Metro area on May 28 at Bryn Mawr and June 11 at Sellersville Theater. More info can be found by searching the WXPN Concerts & Events Calendar!

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