Call it a cross-generational singer-songwriter summit: country music icon Wynonna Judd met celebrated indie Americana songwriter Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee this past year, and the two wrote a new single together and recorded it with Judd’s husband Cactus Moser on their farm near Nashville. “Other Side” is a soaring, uplifting anthem where each singer takes a turn at a verse and then the two harmonize on the chorus; the song comes not long after the passing of Wynonna’s mother Naomi Judd last month.

“In the midst of everything that has happened, I said that I would continue to sing,” said Judd in a statement. “So, here I am. I met Katie Crutchfield last year and we connected immediately. We recorded ‘Other Side’ in the studio here on the farm and it was one of my favorite recording experiences ever. I’m thankful for the opportunity to sing with the next generation of greatness.”

For her part, Crutchfield describes the collaboration as a dream. “Working with Wynonna and Cactus on this song was one of the more creatively stimulating and exciting experiences I’ve had in my songwriting career,” she said in a statement. “Wynonna is an icon and a fountain of wisdom. Sharing space with her to create something new was really nothing but a joy and an honor. Her spirit inspires me daily and her continued encouragement has meant the world. Together, with Cactus, we made an amazing team and I’m so excited to share this song.”

Below, watch the music video for the song, which shows Judd and Crutchfield recording on the farm, performing it on stage, and enjoying candid moments on Adirondack chairs with a friendly dog.

Wynonna & Waxahatchee - "Other Side"