Joining us in the studio for this Indie Rock Hit Parade session is a group that grew out of an intimate home recording project, and manages to maintain that charm in a live setting. Led by namesake New York musician Barrie Lindsay, Barrie released their second album, Barbara, earlier this year. Not unlike our drumless 2019 session with Helado Negro, Barrie (joined by supporting vocalists Gabby, Jordyn, and Sarah) performs radically rearranged versions of her new songs in this session. 

Fluttering vocal harmonies and delicate piano touches punctuate opener “Frankie” and its counterpart “Jenny,” while “Quarry” retains the album version’s shimmering electronic texture before taking off on a thrilling vocal run. “Jersey” is a playful romp guided by an overdriven organ rhythm and back-and-forth vocal interplay. All the while, Barrie and her bandmates showoff eye-catching interpretive dance; their movements as engaging as the songs they perform. 

Listen to Barrie’s Indie Rock Hit Parade session below, watch a few videos via NPR Live Sessions, and check out Barrie’s fall tour dates with Alex G below… 

Barrie - "Frankie" (Indie Rock Hit Parade)
Barrie - "Quarry" (Indie Rock Hit Parade)