Philadelphia born singer-songwriter and producer AnnonXL has been busy building their career in Los Angeles. Now attached to Hardly Art Records, Sub Pop’s sister label, they released a new single, “WAY DOWN” with a music video starring dancer Jahari White. 

The single explores Annon’s new perspective on life and love, and debuts their feminine alter ego SILAH, which means “The Divine Armor” in Arabic/Muslim. “I’d struggled with my identity behind closed doors, going years without sex and affection,” says Annon in a press statement. “WAY DOWN” is a triumphant end to that era, and a joyous arrival of a new one. “I’ve finally had the time, space, and the freedom to express and be myself. In short, I honestly don’t give a f*** anymore.”

“Way Down” and its video serve as SILAH’s pep talk to feel sexy, and go after what she wants. Watch below for the full sensual but lighthearted effect.

AnnonXL - Way Down