Yugo on World Cafe
World Cafe
  • Jugo Ürdens, "YUGO"
  • Jugo Ürdens, "Warte"
  • Goran Bregovic, "Djurdjevan"
  • Tose Proeski, "Boze Brani Je Od Zla"
  • 50 Cent, "In Da Club"
  • Jugo Ürdens, "Österreicher"
  • Jugo Ürdens, "Österreicher"
  • Jugo Ürdens, "DiesDas"
  • YUGO, "Raus"

This month, World Cafe is exploring Vienna’s contemporary music scene for our Sense of Place series. In this episode, emerging rap star YUGO takes us on a tour of a neighborhood in the outskirts of Vienna, where his family immigrated to when he was a kid — and where a hip hop scene is growing. You’ll hear how his mom pushed him to explore and integrate into Viennese culture — and how that experience helped shape his music.