The second of three ‘22 Bröthers singles is out now. Following, “The Spice,” comes “Othello,” another literary-referencing tune. It’s funkier than the last, showing off the three-piece’s range of musical inspirations that favor show-stopping, rock ‘n roll entertainers.

The busy bassline does the heavy lifting on “Othello,” with Kiera Fitzpatrick’s vocals still front and center where they belong. Honorable mention goes out to two members of fellow local rock group Humilitarian for production assistance and the warm and textured trumpet performance. Listen to the song — three years in the making, according to Bröthers on Instagram — at the link below. 

No upcoming shows for Bröthers are confirmed as of yet, but fans can expect one more single coming before the end of the year. For show listings in your area, check out what’s new on the WXPN Concerts and Events page.

Bröthers - Othello