Philly winters are a weird nether-zone; we’re neither Saskatchewan nor San Diego, and falling between the far reaches of snow and sun, the city often gives us a palpable sense of ennui in the early months of the year.

Of course, this can sometimes lead to productive creativity, as in the case of Ron Gallo‘s new single, “Anything But This.” It’s out today on Gallo’s new home, the revered indie label Kill Rock Stars, and in a press release, he says “This song is the feeling of wanting to be anywhere else than in the situation you are in – in this case cold, grey, dirty, pandemic Philadelphia winter. Chiara [d’anzieri, Gallo’s bassist, spouse, and creative partner] got behind drums one day and we wrote this together in about 5 minutes.”

Give the music video a watch below; Gallo and his band play World Cafe Live on Wednesday, October 12th for Philly Music Fest; tickets and more information can be found here.

Ron Gallo - Anything But This