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Machine Gun Kelly is a real person. That sentence, at first, might seem so self-evident as to feel ludicrous. Of course he’s a real person! But when you get to the level of fame that Machine Gun Kelly has reached, it can start to feel like people don’t see you as a real person. Machine Gun Kelly, who’s real name is Colson Baker, has been making albums for over a decade, and now, as he embarks on his 30s, selling out stadiums with two No. 1 rock albums (and several rap albums) under his leather-studded belt, he’s a true celebrity. The kind of celebrity who gets talked about on entertainment shows and featured in tabloids. The kind of celebrity everyone has an opinion about, even if they don’t really know anything about him.

On Baker’s latest album, called mainstream sellout, he opens up about things like self-harm, addiction, love and even going to therapy. And if you have an opinion about Machine Gun Kelly, leave it at the door … and get to know Colson Baker — the real person.

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