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  • "Cut Your Hair"
  • "Harness Your Hopes"
  • "Range Life"

Pavement is one of the most beloved and influential indie rock bands of the 1990s. But in the approximately two decades since they officially broke up in the early 2000s, their legend has only grown. Just in the past year, they’ve gone viral on TikTok, sold out reunion tour shows, a musical based on their songs was performed in New York, and it’s recently been announced that a Pavement movie is in the works.

In this session, I’m joined by Pavement percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Bob Nastanovich. After the band split, Bob got into horse racing — it comes up a few times in our chat — but he took a break to go on that reunion tour, which was spurred by an appearance at the Primavera Sound festival last year. We talk about that, we get into Pavement’s enduring legacy and discovery by younger fans, and we’ll take a walk down memory lane. Which is paved. Memory lane is paved. Get it? Thank you.