One the latest preview of her solo debut I Thought It Was Love, Queen of Jeans frontperson Miri Devora shows a strong appreciation for dynamic pop introspection. “Caught Up” is a slow burn that starts hushed and grows more emphatic as the song progresses, an approach favored by captivating singer-songwriters from Mandy Moore to Phoebe Bridgers; lyrically, Devora sings from the perspective of a person wrestling with the rocky road of romance: “Caught up in your rung / Even when it stung / I thought it was love / Crawled out of it / Then came back again.”

Listen to the song below, and watch a mini-animation of its hook by Steven Arnold. The I Thought It Was Love EP was recorded at The Bunk, the Northeast Pennsylvania studio run by Matt Schimelfenig and Augusta Koch of Gladie; it’s out Wednesday, January 11th, and can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp.