This spring, Canadian singer-songwriter Feist will release Multitudes, her sixth LP and first since 2017. It comes out April 14th on Interscope Records, and today Feist announced the project with a trio of tender new songs circling around the topic of love, its potential and possibility, the ways it intertwines in our lives and how our yearning for love is often left unfulfilled.

“Hiding Out In The Open” opens as a gentle and unadorned acoustic folk number with a dreamy synthesizer undercurrent, subtle beat, and layered vocal harmonies that swell as the song progresses; “Love Who We Are Meant To Be” is even more sparse, with it acoustic flamenco picking mixing with synthesizer strings and moving, emotive vocals. By comparison, “In Lightning” is a rager, creating a contrast with massive beats reminiscent of Arca and Fever Ray, crafting a searing electronic rock dynamic.

Listen to each song below, and pre-order Multitudes here. Tonight, Feist will share new music during a free Valentine’s Day mini-concert livestream; register to view the show here.

Feist - Hiding Out In The Open
Feist - Love Who We Are Meant To Be
Feist - In Lightning