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Tylar Bryant (he/him) former MMA fighter, and one of March’s Artist To Watch, changed his career path to pursue a passion that caught him completely by surprise. He laid down his gloves to pick up a songwriter’s pen and a guitar. In a courageous leap of faith to chase his dream, Tylar moved to Nashville in 2019. Tylar grew up listening to an array of music from rap to the tunes that echoed in the background at his grand mom’s home.

Known for his charismatic stage presence, electric live performances, the Texas native prides himself in his authenticity and ability to infuse a mix of styles and sounds. Influenced by some of country music’s greatest voices and performers (such as Charlie Pride, Jim Reeves, Randy Travis and Chris Young), Bryant marries modern and traditional country sounds with rock and R&B grooves for an added twist.

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An extension of the WXPN Artist To Watch program, Black Opry Residency is a six-week artist development program that aims to help Black Americana artists build sustainable careers and broaden their audiences. Black Opry Residency has been supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.

Learn more about the Black Opry Residency, the residents, and more!
Black Opry Residency
Learn more about the Black Opry Residency, the residents, and more!
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Get to know Tylar:

Who are your favorite artists right now?

Right now, my favorite artist are Rod Wave, Jordan Davis and HARDY.

What are your pre-show rituals?

Before a show I’m usually listening to Your Hand in Mine by Explosions in the sky on repeat followed by some punk rock to get my energy up before show time. Reese’s peanut butter cup is my favorite little pre-show treat (I keep some in my guitar case at all times) so a show is definitely incomplete without those. I usually wrap up my pre-show shenanigans with some vocal warmups and 27 pushups.

What was a major turning point in your decision to pursue music as your profession?

Fortunately, I didn’t have any major turning points that impacted me starting my career I just decided that this was something I loved and wanted for my life so I’m chasing after it! I can’t honestly say that I haven’t looked back since because I have because the music industry is hard and can break you if you let it.

Describe one stand out memory in your career thus far.

Most recently I played at the troubadour in LA for a Black Opry Revue and there were 4 people in attendance that night who flew all the way from London that day to see me… like what?!?! why?!?!? still trying to wrap my brain around it.

What part or skill are you most interested in strengthening through this residency?

I’ve been most interested in the mentorship portion of this program because having pay wall free access to music business knowledge is well… priceless. It empowering to have my own working knowledge of the business side of music and not having to solely rely on someone who may not have the best intentions for your career.

Listen to Tylar Bryant below!

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