After a couple very busy years for each of its members, indie supergroup boygenius announced its return to activity this January, with the band’s debut LP The Record due out March 31st on Interscope Records. The initial announcement came with three singles, one where each songwriter — Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus — is primarily featured.

Today, a new song called “Not Strong Enough,” and in it the whole group shines, both as vocalists and players — the music is built on warm acoustic strums and bright War On Drugs-esque synth touches, while the hook seems to nod lovingly to Sheryl Crow’s “Strong Enough” — and in the music video, as personalities.

Shot by the band and edited by Bridgers’ brother Jackson, the videos follows boygenius around on what appears to be the best California roadtrip ever. They go to a boardwalk, where Bridgers kills it on VR games in the arcade and the band rides amusement park rides. They visit a museum, and knock some pitches around in a batting cage. They play mini golf, visit a bookstore, and attend a monster truck rally. It all culminates a gorgeous fire on the beach, and the warm embers resonate wonderfully with the fading music.

Watch below, and pre-order The Record here. In addition to a Coachella gig next month, boygenius plays Carnegie Hall tonight at the Tibet House US Benefit Concert. More on that show here.

Boygenius - Not Strong Enough