Born in Carlisle and based for most of the past decade in Philadelphia, Ajay Shughart — known mononymously as AJAY — has become an in-demand guitarist and collaborator, from the open mic circuit to his time in the Omar’s Hat collective, from gigs backing Ryan Gilfillian to the solo performances which find him taking center stage with greater frequency.

AJAY’s vibe is suave and soulful, minimal but lush at the same time. Every note has purpose and evokes feeling, particularly on his new project These Yesterdays, which he and his band highlighted in WXPN’s performance studio this winter. Backed by keys players and vocalists Tuck Ryan and Jon Williams (aka Jonill), with drummer Kyon and bassist Zachary Guise, AJAY gives us an overview of the temperate vibes of These Yesterdays, from the tasteful solos and mid-tempo grooves of “67six” and the title track, to the breathtaking brushstroke jazz of “These Days,” and the sparkling pop of the set-closing “Swindlers.”

Watch the entire session below; for more, listen to AJAY’s interview with Rahman Wortman from last month. And if you’re headed to the Philadelphia Flower Show this Thursday, keep your ears open: AJAY is performing from 4 to 6 p.m. Details on that (and the Flower Show’s music schedule as a whole) can be found here.

AJAY - The Key Studio Sessions (Full Set)

“These Yesterdays”
“These Days”