Thee Sacred Souls - NON-COMM 2023
Thee Sacred Souls
  • Overflowing
  • Love Is The Way
  • Easier Said Than Done
  • Trade Of Hearts
  • Running Away
  • Rose

Making the long trek from sunny San Diego, California, Thee Sacred Souls stopped for a set at NON-COMM’s lounge stage, spreading sweet 60’s soul on their voyage of love. While originally formed by drummer Alex Garcia, bassist Sal Samano, and lead singer Josh Lane, tonight’s performance featured a six-piece backing band bolstered by keys, guitar, and beautiful harmonies from two backup singers reminiscent of Motown’s golden age. The group wears this soulful influence on their sleeve, with glimmers of Stax Records’ bassist Duck Dunn evident in Samano’s thick, groovy playing while Let’s Get It On era Marvin Gaye was channeled through the likes of Lane’s tearful falsetto.

Opening the set with “Overflowing”, a highlight off of their 2022 self-titled debut album, Lane dedicated the performance to “all the lovers out there,” setting a tender mood for the evening. With snapping fingers and swaying hips, Lane crooned a timeless profession of love, perfectly echoed by the backup vocalists in a cheerful call and response. They followed up with “Love Is The Way” and “Easier Said Than Done,” both spreading and reinforcing their mantra of platonic love for not only the audience, but to people from every walk of life. As Lane passionately cried out, “Love has no gender, and it has no creed. Love is a way of being,” the crowd waved and rocked back and forth, giving themselves over to the power of love and getting lost in good vibrations. Lane soon joined the crowd in this divine wonderland of sound, leaving the stage to wander through the sea of fans during “Running Away”, singing and dancing with them in a heart-warming, intimate moment that brought a joyful end to NON-COMM’s final night.

The world needs more bands like Thee Sacred Souls. Beyond their positive energy, beyond their timeless and soulful songs, Thee Sacred Souls provides a message that is too often forgotten: Love is the way. For more groovy vibes, check out their brand-new Audiotree Live EP, and catch them on tour this summer, including a date at Pittsburgh’s Stage AE on August 1st.

Thee Sacred Souls- Full Set (NON-COMM 2023)