The day after the 2016 election, Nina de Virty began writing a song called “History.” As she remembers it, the divisiveness of the election season leading up to it and the anxiety about what the years ahead would mean got her thinking about how, not only were we very turbulently living through history, but the weight of responsibility fell upon us to recognize how we shape our history.

That manifested itself over the ensuing years in marches and protests for social justice, advocating for Black folks who are the victims of systemic racism and police violence, advocating for women whose reproductive freedoms were on the line, advocating for queer and trans folks who are the targets of hate and discrimination. de Vitry collected footage of protests both contemporary and historic and collaged them in black and white a new music video for “History,” a pensive but ultimately uplifting song dressed in piano and horns, to remind listeners what it means to take a stand and shape your world.

“It is my hope that pairing the song with this footage can inspire viewers to continue to take peaceful action on their beliefs,” de Vitry says over email, noting that the timing of the release was “seasonally intentional” to coincide with LGBTQ+ Pride Month, Gun Violence Awareness Month, and Juneteenth. “There is no question that we are living through a particularly divisive political time, and I believe that now more than ever, we all must recognize our role in writing our own history.”

Watch the video below. “History” will be on de Vitry’s debut full-length album, What You Feel Is Real, which she’ll release on August 25th. She’ll also headline the Lounge at World Cafe Live on release day with A. Smithee (Jody DeMarco of Sixteen Jackies) opening the gig. Details and more information can be found at WXPN’s Concerts and Events page.

Nina de Vitry - History