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Not often will you find a singer whose voice will stop you dead in your tracks. It’s even rarer to come across a concert lineup that includes singer-songwriters who perfectly complement each other’s vocal talent and commanding stage presence. This past Wednesday at Underground Arts, Manii, Baby Rose, and Q put on the world’s most perfect show with “Through The Soul.”

The night kicked off with 21-year-old Indiana native Manni. She took to the stage with a live beat set up and an electric guitar to perform a few tracks during her first-ever visit to Philly. Her set weaved together genres like gospel, alt-rock, R&B, and funk. Manii’s youthful energy shined through with her playful lyrics and musical concepts. She is for sure on to watch.

Mamii | photo by Melissa Simpson for WXPN

Next to the stage was Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, producer and co-headliner, Baby Rose. For the duration of her set Baby Rose commanded attention with arguably, one of the most unique and powerful voices of our generation. There is nothing timid about the Washington, D.C. native. Between limitless self-expression in dance and animated facial demeanor. It’s next to impossible to liken her sound to any other artist, but folks were close when they compared her to Nina Simone and Billie Holiday. She definitely has the vocal traits of both iconic jazz singers, but to be frank, the intensity behind her vibrato is unmatched.

Baby Rose performed tracks from her latest release Through And Through and her 2020 release To My Self. Both albums can be hard to listen to, not because they sound bad (the exact opposite actually) but due to the way the artist demands that we confront our demons just as she has in her lyrics. Baby Rose does exceptionally well at exploring her shadow self and delivering it to listeners which makes us cringe at our own lesser selves that we try so hard to keep under wraps. There are wails, heavy breathing, and sighs all intertwined with expert vocal control.

Baby Rose | photo by Melissa Simpson for WXPN

Between songs, Baby Rose offered the audience a bit of thug motivation that perfectly complimented the overarching theme of fighting demons and coming out on top: When you do the hard work of truly loving yourself, you being to walk with your head held high, with less judgment in your empathy and less fear in your gait.

Baby Rose’s set was a sermon and Sis was preaching.

Last to take the stage was the other co-headliner Q. During his set, the Florida native channeled his inner Prince and Morris Day while utilizing every centimeter of the stage to bop, croon, and gyrate. Q’s personality shined as he exercised one of the clearest falsettos while busting out 80’s-esque synth-pop on his beat machine.

Q | photo by Melissa Simpson for WXPN

As the concert reached its peak, the audience could feel the reverberating bass in their chests during Q Marsden’s performance. The artists’ passion and energy filled the room, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present. The night ended on a high note with Q Marsden’s captivating song, “Stereo Driver.”

In conclusion, the Philly stop of the Through The Soul tour was a remarkable showcase of pure talent and energy that left the audience yearning for more. Their unique styles, powerful voices, and expressive performances created an unforgettable experience that will resonate with attendees for years to come.

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