As the second single release off of Crooks & Nannies’ upcoming album Real Life, “Weather” delves deeper into themes of desolation the Philly duo established in their first single.

This song perfectly illustrates internal anguish. By first discussing the mundane, then equating these to much deeper, more intense feelings of self-loathing, it’s clear that members Sam Huntington and Max Rafter have a profound understanding of what it’s like to feel hopelessly out of control in a literal and metaphoric sense. Not to mention the arrangements; by opening up with smooth, somber bass and electric guitar lines, skillfully compressed mellow drums, and haunting backup melodies, the final part of the song comes as a complete blow to the chest. It’s anthemic in a completely heartbreaking way, and it’s done exceptionally well.

A music video was released alongside the single, and you’ve heard it here first: it doesn’t make you any happier. Images of the duo in seemingly run-of-the-mill circumstances incorporated with an artful, vulnerable representation of dysphoria delivered by Huntington herself make for a visual component that’s just as moving as the song itself. Suffice it to say, Huntington and Rafter know how to strike a chord in their listeners.

The album Real Life is set to release on August 25th, just one month prior to the band’s triumphant return to Johnny Brenda’s on September 30th during their fall tour (and you’d better go see them). Tickets and more information can be found at WXPN’s Concerts and Events page.

Crooks & Nannies - Weather