If you love sine wave formations, admire large quantities of water, and enjoy an occasional chew or two – in no particular order – you need to check out this tour. waveform*, They Are Gutting a Body of Water, and Teethe are hitting the road this summer to conduct a thorough examination of the U.S. These indie powerhouses will be kicking things off on July 5th in Atlanta, hitting twenty-six cities across the country (and two in Canada) before wrapping back around to the east coast, finishing up in Nashville on August 6th.

Back in May, waveform* released their fourth album titled Antarctica, aptly named in reference to themes of isolation that weave their way through the project. Hailing from Connecticut, waveform*’s melancholic stylings make for a cathartic live experience, especially when put next to Teethe, whose current discography exists beyond any slowcore fan’s wildest dreams. Philly’s own They Are Gutting a Body of Water (or TAGABOW for short) resides within this bill as a wildcard of sorts, with a penchant for heavier guitar tones and more intense production, as demonstrated in their most recent album, lucky styles. Altogether, this tour is sure to knock the socks off of any lofi indie or shoegaze fan you know.

waveform*, TAGABOW, and Teethe will be bringing this live collaboration of epic proportions to Ukie Club on July 9th. Buy your tickets expeditiously at Dice.fm.

TAGABOW: Live at Farewell