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In her latest single since last spring’s Car Therapy Sessions EP, Faye Webster grapples with desire and self-restraint. “But Not Kiss” is self-aware, confessional, and vague enough that anybody and everybody could listen to it and either laugh or cry, depending on the circumstances. It’s minimal when it needs to be, punchy where necessary, and all around a masterful representation of forbidden reacquaintance with a past lover.

Webster’s vocal delivery on this track, much like many others she’s released, is simultaneously polished and raw. She sounds honest, as she often does. Yet, with a song such as this – one with so much contrast, from bare guitar-driven opening lines to crashing cymbals and piano flourishes – it’s been proven that her voice and lyrics can withstand any sonic treatment. And so can her signature pedal steel guitar.

The video for “But Not Kiss” provides a bit of a strange visual to the song, but one that also coincides with the musical tension created throughout the track. Standing on a stage with her Harmony Stratotone, Webster puts on an almost eerie show, accompanied by instrument-wielding puppets you might just have to see for yourself.

Check out the “But Not Kiss” video below to get an idea of what Faye Webster’s live show may look like and make sure to catch her on tour at the Franklin Music Hall on October 21st. Details at WXPN’s Concerts and Events page!

Faye Webster - But Not Kiss
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