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One of the most fun artists starting to make waves in the city right now is inSu. Born in Seoul, South Korea, but currently based in Philly, inSu developed a passion for music from a young age. He began writing and producing songs when he was just 10 years old, cultivating his talent and laying the foundation for a burgeoning music career.

One of inSu’s greatest strengths as an artist is his authenticity. He often speaks candidly about his life experiences through his music. His willingness to open up and share his experiences creates a connection between himself and his listeners. His lyrics are relatable to his audience, giving them a glimpse into his life. With his unique sound and style, the young singer/rapper is carving out a niche for himself. He has released a number of tracks, including “Why You Do That” and “Wesley Ave,” both of which have a carefree celebratory sound that lends itself to mass appeal. 

Just a few months ago inSu released the first of six music videos attached to an upcoming project entitled About Last Night, due to be released later this year. Fallen is a vulnerable piece of music that explores an unrequited love for an unnamed romantic interest. The video is overwhelmingly blue a perfect match to the melancholy tone of the song. Scenes in the video jump between a seemingly drunken inSu hanging out the window of a car and him at a lively party. The video ends with him drunkenly stumbling out of the function as the visual tone changes to a fiery red – he looks back one last time before deciding to part for good. This color change hints at the theme of the next release. Maybe one that is more centered on anger and passion. 

The overall concept of About Last Night seems to be unique and I am truly curious to witness the sonic and visual journey that he takes us on. inSu seems to have a bright future ahead of him in the Philly music scene and beyond. 

inSu - Fallen
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