Italian indie rocker and multi-instrumentalist Santa Chiara has released “Visa” ahead of her debut album Imported out October 20 via Kill Rock Stars. Her latest track takes a more chaotic approach to indie rock; opening with a sampled homage to her first language, then suddenly exploding into a fast paced singalong as Chiara lists off half the alphabet, asking “what is mine?” behind a fuzzy vocal filter and sweet indie reverb. An unsettling narrator takes over once Chiara finishes the chorus, yelling and welcoming her to America, bellowing, “WALLS! BORDERS! CHECKPOINTS! VIOLATION OF THE PRIVACY! SEPARATIONS OF THE FAMILIES! NO SENSE OF HUMANITY! BE MORE! GET THERE, OR GO.” Such a harrowing message is cut short as Chiara jumps back into her alphabetical rapping, closing out the song with a final chorus in under two minutes.

Imported tells the story of Chiara D’Anzieri’s immigration to the U.S from Italy at age 25. She uprooted her life and began anew after meeting her now-husband Ron Gallo. The album details their transatlantic romance, with D’Anzieri saying, “Being an immigrant at the age of 25 was a new territory – my life was changing drastically. I was moving to the other side of the planet, to a country I was never interested in, speaking a different language from my own, and leaving everything behind me out of love. It was and still is a big deal.”

The record is also largely self produced and performed. Chiara began recording and singing each track at her home in Nashville before continuing the intimate recording process once her and Gallo had relocated to Philadelphia. Gallo, a Philly-rooted singer/songwriter in his own right, features on the album alongside guest performances from Dominic Billett, Jerry Bernhardt, and Eric Slick.

D’Anzieri grew up in the hills of Turin, Italy. Raised in classical conservatories, she mastered the cello at a young age, touring with orchestras and playing in string quartets before discovering a love for classic rock at age 20. She became enamored with Frank Zappa, Velvet Underground, The Doors, and The Beatles, quickly picking up guitar, bass, and drums to recreate and reinspire her own musical ambitions. Originally recording under the name chickpea, the moniker ‘Santa Chiara’ comes from one of her favorite monasteries in Naples, providing her airy indie rock with divine blessings.

The accompanying music video for “Visa” finds D’Anzieri embracing – or rather poking fun at – traditional American concepts. Against a soft black and white lens, she waves the American flag while holding a large pistol and wearing a cowboy hat. Other shots include her throwing around money, mocking the hypocrisy of the American dream in a 50’s style T.V commercial, and clips of her fencing an unknown assailant.

Check out the full video for “Visa” below, and pre-order Imported here.

Santa Chiara - Visa